This is the Official Wiki of Cold War Enhanced - A modification for the 2001 computer game, ArmA: Cold War Assault (formerly known as: Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis).
The purpose of this wiki is to create an extensive, easy to read and navigate database concerning all about our mod, abbreviated as CWE.
In our articles, we refer to the game as either ArmA: Cold War Assault, ArmA: CWA, CWA, or occasionally, OFP.

It is strongly recommended to read through all of the general information sections. This ensures that the mod will work properly.

CWE 0.91 Patch released, download from the downloads page, or view the changelog here.

Download the mod from here!


General Information

1. About the Mod

About the mod, Cold War Enhanced. You better start reading here, as this article may contain many answers to your questions…

2. System Requirements

What kind of hardware you need to run the mod…

3. Installation Instructions

How to install the mod…

4. Controls

Changes and new features for controlling the unit…

5. Credits

Credits for the mod and for the third party resources it utilizes…


Mission Editing

Important notice regarding mission editing: Do NOT use any of the original weapons or magazines, they do not work properly with CWE. Use only weapons whose class name begins with "CWE_"-prefix. Here is a class reference for (most) CWE weapons and magazines: Weapon and Magazine Class Reference

Original commands not to be used

Most of the existing missions most likely won't work properly with the mod. They need to be edited to be compatible with CWE.

Please, before creating or editing missions, read all documents in the folder "CWE\Readme\For Mission Makers\". The documentation is far from complete, but it should help avoid the most common issues that may occur.

Mod/Addon Editing

(To be done)

All written pages are readable by anyone, editing the pages is prohibited as it stands.



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