Installation Instructions

This article is to help you in your way of installing the mod. It is incredibly easy due to the nature of the game files.


Make sure you have ArmA: Cold War Assault (recommended), or OFP v. 1.96 installed on your computer. There is no need to install any of the patches or hotfixes for the game.

If you don't own the game, buy it from BI Store or Steam. If you are feeling extra cheap, check out

If you own a valid CD-KEY of OFP or ArmA: CWA (it also came in the case version of Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, or OFP: GOTY Edition), you can download the game installer from here. Insert the serial key in the installer when prompted.

Note that after the installation, the "Users"-folder must be located in the main folder of the game, not elsewhere.

Flashpoint: Resistance is supported since v. 0.91 beta. To install for OFP 1.96, install from the zip archive instead of the installer, and then install the patch.


CWE requires Fwatch version 1.13 or newer. Version 1.14 is provided with the installer, but you can also get it here.

Thanks to Kegetys and Faguss for Fwatch!

Installing the Mod

Just run the installer and follow instructions. If you don't want to use the installer or want to install the mod for OFP Resistance 1.96, you can download the zip archive version. Just unpack the files to the main folder of the game.

Download links here.

After installing CWE, it is strongly recommended to create a whole new user for the mod.

Installing the 0.91 patch

Extract the files from the zip archive to the game folder, overwriting existing CWE files.

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