F.A.Q. and Troubleshooting

Q: Can I share, copy, redistribute, remix, transform, and build upon, Cold War Enhanced?
A: Yes, under these terms.

Q: When I'm playing, I suddenly get a CTD (Crash To Desktop).
A: You may have encountered a bug. Contact us through here or in Cold War Enhanced Release Thread and try to explain as good as possible what were you doing in-game before the CTD.

Q: The folders in the game main folder are messed up, even though the mod is not running at the moment. Why did this happen?
A: ColdWarEnhanced.exe was terminated before it could clean up it's temporary changes. Run ColdWarEnhanced.exe, then shut down the game. The program will then perform a proper clean up.

Q: I get poor performance.
A: You may have insufficient hardware. Refer to article System requirements.

Q: I get unpleasant performance despite having modern mid-range hardware.
A: Due to Real Virtuality 1 engine limitations and the nature of the game and the mod, you always can't expect performance on par with other games. Lowering the visibility range and terrain detail helps, but it isn't recommended, as it breaks visual quality, competitiveness and immersion amongst many factors. Close any un-needed applications or upgrade/overclock your hardware. Or you can just learn to deal with low FPS and just play the game. OFP is known to run pretty smoothly with low FPS, at least compared to many other games. If you get over 30 FPS in a big battle on detailed terrain, consider that as excellent performance.

Q: Can I play through the original missions and campaigns without any problems?
A: Some of them. If any problems arise, it is probably because of the use of incompatible weapons (such as original weapons) or the drastic changes to the A.I.

Q: Can I play custom user made missions without any problems?
A: If they are made with Cold War Enhanced, definitely yes. If not, and if the user made missions are made with original OFP units, it will work. Custom units may work or not, but they will conflict with CWE's standards and principles, AKA "how the mod is done".

Q: Can I report any bugs? Can I give you any suggestions?
A: Most definitely. This is encouraged. It helps us improve the mod. Contact us through here or in Cold War Enhanced Release Thread.

Q: I don't like the graphics. They look dated and ugly!
A: Wiktionary has a definition for this condition. You can go play Battlefield 4 or something if you value graphics over gameplay.

Q: I don't like the gameplay.
A: Then this mod or the game isn't probably for you. The game is old and many of it's mechanics are old too, so it might feel a bit clunky to some. The main idea of ours was to make the mod more realistic than the original game, but at the same time fun to play. It's a shame if you would feel that the gameplay is lacking, it is maybe the first priority of ours to make sure gameplay is as satisfying as possible. You could try another mods for OFP, such as FDF Mod. It is old though.

Q: The mod is too difficult.
A: Tough luck. Learn to play the game. Improvise, adapt and overcome. Refer to Avon Lady's OFP FAQ for general help. It is very old but still pretty sufficient.

Q: The mod is too easy.
A: Congratulations.

Q: I really like the mod, and I want to pay for your work.
A: Thank you for your concern, but you can't. Cold War Assault is a non-profit modification, SJ-Studios a non-profit group. No money were used in the making of the mod, at least not directly. We would never ask you for any money. The licensing terms agree to this.

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