SJ-Studios Credits


  • Project leader, mod design
  • Scripting, functions and configs
  • Sound editing
  • Models, textures (mostly just editing already existing models and textures, see "Third Party Credits" for the credits for the original addons)
  • Animations
  • Mod launcher/preprocessor (ColdWarEnhanced.exe), Dynamic Sound Engine (CWE_DSE.exe) and installer
  • Single missions
  • Editing CWE Web Page on

Urkki (batis4 in BIS Forums):

  • Single missions
  • Public relations
  • Creating and editing CWE Web Page on
  • Beta testing

Third Party Credits

CWE uses many unit, weapon and vehicle models made by other addon-makers. Almost all of these resources have been slightly edited to fit the mod. All of these addons, except BRDM-2, were already used earlier in Binmod with permission (where possible).

Here are the credits for the original addons (in no particular order):

LSR US Weapons

HYK US Infantry

Soviet Weapons and Infantry

Pistol animations, some other animations

Offtime, Jack and Agent Smith:
BRDM-2 model.

ECP Mod Team:
Some miscellaneous models and sounds. Russian DSAI sounds

Editorupdate, RPD lmg model, cpbo.exe

Kyle Sarnik:
BD Grenade Pack

ExtractPBO.exe and DePbo.dll

Un4seen Developments:
BASS Audio Library

Ivan|Edge Of The World:
Edge's Retextured Guerrillas

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