There are some differences in the controls between the original game and CWE. If you have previously played Binmod, you are probably already familiar with some of them. Since OFP's original controls were not designed with the new controlling features of this mod in mind, some of the new controls are somewhat counterintuitive, and require getting used to them.

Here is a table of keys and key combinations and their actions. Keys that still do the same as originally are omitted from this list.

Key Action Notes
2nd Mouse Button (held down) Aim with rifle or pistol With scoped weapons, 'V' enables sights, but only when holding 2nd mouse button.
2nd Mouse Button (held down) + S Raise the stance a bit Move to any direction to get out of the new stance
2nd Mouse Button (held down) + A Lean left
2nd Mouse Button (held down) + D Lean right
2nd Mouse Button (held down) + W Adjust the sight of the weapon to match the hill slope Only while in prone stance. Quite redundant. Makes the sights get misaligned sometimes.
R (while running with the weapon aimed towards ground) Aim the rifle forward Action in other situations: Reload
TAB Switch to throwable weapon
Delete Report target / Lock missile / Assign target
Shift + A Lean left without aiming
Shift + D Lean right without aiming
Shift + S Aim without zooming
CAPS LOCK Show/Hide additional actions
Alt Gr + E Exit vehicle An alternative for the action menu "get out" / "eject"
Alt Gr + D Open debug console Only in mission editor
Alt Gr + P Open debug console with output screen Only in mission editor
Alt Gr + T Open dynamic trigger console Only in mission editor, unfinished

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