Weapon and Magazine Classes
Weapon Class Magazine Class Description
CWE_M16A2 CWE_M16Mag M16A2, 5.56×45mm NATO
CWE_AK74, CWE_AKS74, CWE_AKS74U CWE_AK74Mag AK-74 and variants, 5.45×39mm
CWE_AK47, CWE_AKM, CWE_AKMS CWE_AK47Mag AK-47 and variants, 7.62×39mm
CWE_CAR15 CWE_CARMag Colt AR-15, 5.56x45 mm
CWE_M16A1 CWE_M16A1Mag M16A1, 5.56×45mm
CWE_G3 CWE_G3Mag H&K G3A4, 7.62×51mm NATO
CWE_M14, CWE_M14_AIM, CWE_M14_ACOG CWE_M14Mag M14 and w/ different scopes, 7.62×51mm NATO
CWE_M16A2_M203 CWE_M16Mag, CWE_M203Vest, CWE_M203Grenade M16A2 w/ M203 grenade launcher, 5.56×45mm NATO (grenade 40×46mm SR)
CWE_AK74_GP25, CWE_AKS74_GP25 CWE_AK74Mag, CWE_GP25Grenade AK-74 and AKS-74 w/ GP-25 grenade launcher, 7.62×39mm (grenade 40 mm)
CWE_AK47_GP25, CWE_AKM_GP25, CWE_AKMS_GP25 CWE_AK47Mag, CWE_GP25Grenade AK-47 and variants w/ GP-25 grenade launcher, 7.62×39mm (grenade 40 mm)
CWE_M21 CWE_M21Mag M21 SWS, 7.62×51mm NATO
CWE_SVD CWE_SVDMag SVD Dragunov, 7.62×54mmR
CWE_M60 CWE_M60Mag M60, 7.62×51mm NATO
CWE_M249 CWE_M249Mag M249 Saw, 5.56×45mm NATO
CWE_PK, CWE_PKM CWE_PKMag PK and PKM, 7.62×54mmR
CWE_Remington700 CWE_RemingtonMag Remington Model 700, 7.62×51mm
CWE_RPK74 CWE_RPK74Mag, CWE_AK74Mag RPK-74, 5.45×39mm
CWE_RPD CWE_RPDMag RPD, 7.62×39mm
CWE_CZ75 CWE_CZ75Mag CZ-75, 9×19mm
CWE_Skorpion CWE_SkorpionMag Škorpion vz. 61, .32 ACP (7.65×17mm)
CWE_LAWLauncher CWE_LAWRocket M72 LAW (disposable)
CWE_RPG7Launcher CWE_PG7Grenade RPG-7 AT-Launcher
CWE_CarlGustav CWE_CarlGustavHEAT, CWE_CarlGustavHEDP Carl Gustav M2 Recoilless AT-Rifle
CWE_Stinger CWE_StingerMissile FIM-92 Stinger AA-Launcher
CWE_9K32Launcher CWE_StrelaMissile 9K32 Strela-2 AA-Launcher
Throwable Items:
- BD_RGO RGO, defensive fragmentation hand grenade
- BD_M67 M67, fragmentation hand grenade
- BD_RDG1 RDG1, smoke grenade
- BD_ANM8 AN-M8, smoke grenade
Other Items:
CWE_FieldRadio CWE_RadioBattery Needed to call artillery or CAS
Original Items Still in Use:
Binocular - Binoculars
NVGoggles - Generic Night Vision Device
(grenade launchers) Flare (FlareGreen, FlareRed, FlareYellow) 37 mm flare grenade, white color (and green, red & yellow)
- Mine Anti-Tank Mine
- MineE Anti-Tank Mine (East)
- PipeBomb Satchel Charges

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