Version 0.91

Added:    OFP 1.96 compatibility. Controlling the unit is limited with OFP compared to CWA.
Added:    Function to check which version of the game was launched.
Added:    Alternative CWE functions for CWA commands, for compatibility with OFP 1.96.
Improved:    Changed all CWE scripts and functions to use OFP-compatible functions, which check for game version.
Improved:    Updated ColdWarEnhanced.exe and CWE_DSE.exe to work with both versions of the game.
Fixed:    If player had a weapon with a grenade launcher, the weapon was not selected by default.
Added:    Edge's retextured resistance units taken into use.
Improved:    Wind's effect on bullets decreased a bit.
Improved:    Drag effect on bullets decreased a bit.
Improved:    Wounded while lying animation modified, it still is pretty clumsy though.
Changed:    Some obsolete units removed from mission editor.
Improved:    Sniper rifles' aim distance adjusted.
Improved:    SVD Dragunov's scope adjusted.
Improved:    Lots of minor adjustments to scripts and configs.
Fixed:    ColdWarEnhanced.exe ignored Fwatch's '-nolaunch'-parameter.
Added:    Automatically assigned wounded gathering place, in case if there isn't one in the mission.
Added:    Function to play custom sounds using the Dynamic Sound Engine.
Added:    Action to ask the position of leader or nearest group member.
Added:    CWE_Mission.pbo consisting of some useful scripts for CWE mission editing.
Improved:    Close Air Support scripts now work for all three sides.
Changed:    SideChats when the A.I. is calling CAS or Artillery removed. Will be replaced by radio/DSAI at some point.
Fixed:    Gun sound delay was incorrect during cutscenes.
Changed:    M14's ACOG sight reticle changed to another one.
Changed:    Replaced noncompatible weapons with compatible ones for some units.
Added:    Setting to revert to original infantry unit models.
Added:    Setting for maximum terrain detail.
Changed:    Some internal changes in CWE scripts, configs and executables.
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