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The mod is currently version: 0.91 beta


Cold War Enhanced,


is a modification for the 2001 computer game, ArmA: Cold War Assault (formerly known as: Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis).

The creating team behind it consists of two people, under a team name of SJ-Studios, nicknamed Wiineri and batis4 in Bohemia Interactive Forums.
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The main ambition was to create a mod from our perspective, which is a whole package: optimized, balanced, no bullshit bug-free warfare experience, honoring the original roots of the simulator; to modify the original Operation Flashpoint an experience which it should have been all of these years.

With modern high-end machines, over 500 units in the warzone played with relatively good performance considering the age of Real Virtuality 1.

We will keep on updating the mod, more features and changes are made on the run.

Re-live once more the grandfather of war simulators. OFP WILL NEVER DIE.

Cold War Enhanced thread on BIS Forums

Key Features

  • Perfectly balanced A.I. behavior, the correlation between gameplay and realism noted well of (realistic engaging ranges, intelligent behavior etc.)
  • The best 1985 infantry and armament throughout the years of OFP modding by the community replaced with the original ones
  • Aligned 3D sights for all weapons (except scoped weapons)
  • An external Dynamic Sound Engine (DSE) program to playback weapon sounds at different ranges properly, without performance loss, exceeding OFP engine limitations
  • Perfected positional sound environment to create a unique atmosphere in the warzone (sonic cracks, echoes, death cries etc.)
  • Bullet ballistic & behavior system (depending on events such as wind changes, bullet drop, material penetration, ricochets, bullet caliber, muzzle temperature etc.)
  • Remade effects of different kinds (smoke generation, fire, explosions, blood etc.) to emphasize the mayhem that is war

and many, many more…

Gameplay Videos

Gameplay videos and trailers on CWE's YouTube channel.



F.A.Q. and Troubleshooting

CWE Dynamic Sound Engine

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